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A delicate and generous fragrance that evokes a Moscow Mule freshly made. Citrus notes are combined with the distinctive character of bay and white flowers sensuality.

230g / 8.12 oz
Burn time : 50 hours

Care Instructions

Trim candle wick before each use (6mm) for a better experience.

Leave the candle burn until all the wax has become liquid on the surface, to prevent the wax from tunneling.

Check that the wick is straight and centred.


Plant origin waxes
Natural fragrances
Vegan formula
Cotton wicks
Recyclable glass jar

Each fragrance is carefully picked to create the perfect composition that will stimulate all your senses and give you a unique experience.

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  • Commitment to sustainability :

    Waxes of plant origin
    Natural fragrances
    Cotton wicks
    Recyclable packaging
    Responsible management of production wastes